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Afro Rhythm Dance, Reggae, Highlife, Acrobatic

The item on the agenda Sankofa unites modern musical elements like Reggae & Ragga, Highlife and Socca, in which the roots of the Ghanaian drum and dance culture are co-included as well.

The show will become to a special moment for the audience and is characterized by the magical strength of the drum, a live stage show with elements from acrobatics, Ghanaian dances, break & streetdance and Limbo as well.

Roots of Ghanaian music (Sankofa) unit with groovy melodies as an expression of past and presence.

It's Party Time! "To make you happy, dance and feel good!"


Of course we have some sound samples: CD "Believer" and CD "Blemahe".


Julius Nartey
voc, rap, perc, e-bass
Nii Ayi Conen
voc, rhythm guitar
Efe Beto
voc, solo guitar
Kweku Zatah
voc, keyboard
Lamptey Lankai
Evans Honore
acrobatics, breakdance, dance
Lawrence Otoo
acrobatics, dance
Godwin Akakpo
perc., dance, congas


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